Wiltshire Solid Fuel Services have access to an extensive selection of quality named wood, coal, and multi-fuel stoves and cast iron inset fireplaces. We can provide bespoke polished stone, granite and slate hearth material as well a a wide choice of surrounds to suit every taste.

Wiltshire Solid Fuel Services install HETAS approved appliances that have been tested and assessed “fit for purpose” that meet all UK safety and emittance control requirements. A comprehensive list of these approved stoves can be provided, or found on the HETAS  website with links to each manufacturer.

There are many well constructed quality stoves on the market as well as some foreign makes and models that are not HETAS approved, yet are available to purchase either on the high street or via the internet. Non-approved stoves could represent a safety issue as these may not have been manufactured, designed or tested to meet the UK Clean Air Act.

Choosing the right appliance or stove should not be casually undertaken nor based upon a simple calculation of room dimension. A physical presence is required to carry out an in-depth inspection of the area where the installation is to occur, to meet the customer face to face, understand their desires and requirements as well as to discuss their personal heat and design specifications,  inspect the property, carry out a fire risk assessment and to determine what can safely be installed compliantly.

Wiltshire Solid Fuel Solutions recognises the importance of appliance operation and behaviour and this should be discussed in detail so that the customer fully understands the difference between multi-fuel and wood-only burning stoves as well as the dynamics of steel and cast iron.